Don’t be fooled into thinking that Harry Ramsden’s Restaurants only offer fish and chips. In fact, our new Restaurant Franchise menus extend way beyond our traditional fish and chip offering, with the overall aim of catering to the demands of a more diverse sophisticated and ‘foodie’ audience - though always ensuring we remain true to our best-of-British approach. We now offer a range of delicious ‘in a bun’ dishes, from falafel & spinach burgers to smoked hotdogs, as well as show-stopping options such as a full rack of sticky BBQ ribs or a whole grilled spatchcock chicken, with Harry’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Piri Piri sauce!

In addition to our new menu items, we have brought back – by popular demand - the ‘Harry’s “Man vs Fish” Challenge’, a truly gargantuan portion of fish and chips with certificates for those who can conquer it... a real talking point for those involved and great fun for the restaurant as a whole!

To see the full menus and pricing in glorious colour, click on the tabs below. If you’d like any further information, just get in touch and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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