In Harry Ramsden's restaurants you have one of the most rewarding franchise opportunities out there. A solid business model combined with a high level of job satisfaction is the ‘secret’ recipe for fulfilment that we want to share with you!

People come to Harry Ramsden’s restaurants to sit back, relax and enjoy great British food with friends and family. Fast food and restaurant fads will come and go, but fish and chip restaurants will always be a major part of the UK’s culinary landscape, and not just because it’s what we’re known for abroad and what tourists come to expect – the truth is, the Great British public just love fish and chips! In fact, as a nation we spend over a billion pounds on fish and chips every single year. For many, it’s a treat that’s as traditional and as comforting as Christmas dinner (and what’s more, you can treat yourself and your family to fish and chips more than once a year...)

However, don’t forget: though our food will always be firmly rooted in the finest fish and chip tradition, our latest menus cater to the demands of a much more diverse audience, with plenty of delicious vegetarian options and carefully designed salads, spatchcock grilled chicken with a kick for the spice lovers, mouth-watering BBQ ribs and range of unique burgers. Not only that, but to make our customers' evenings even more memorable, we’ve introduced fun games and challenges, such as the ‘Dessert Prize Wheel’ and the famous ‘Man vs Fish Challenge’ (see the restaurant franchise menu for details).

Sound like fun? We’re all about working hard whilst really enjoying the work, so if that sounds like something that’s in line with your own values and you’ve been looking for a UK franchise business for sale, then click on the enquiry button below so we can send you all the information you need to take the first step in owning your own Harry Ramsden’s restaurant franchise.


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