Case Study: WORTHING

Ruslan Kyshtoobaev was awarded the franchise for the southern half of West Sussex, allowing for 10 new outlets within 5 years. He recently opened his first Harry Ramsden’s Restaurant, complete with takeaway, on the busy main street of Worthing, bringing the world famous fish and chips to the seaside town for the first time and here, outlines his experiences for us.

“Whilst preparing to open up in Worthing, I was most impressed with how quickly everything came together! I received lots of “hands on” assistance from our Franchise Manager as well as from Harry’s team who helped make sure everything was absolutely right for our opening.

“Although Harry Ramsden’s is best known for its fish and chips, they have really broadened the menu, which is going down very well with new choices including Spatchcock Grilled Chicken and a range of Harry’s Pies. Our menu is rich on vegetarian options too and with a great range of children’s options to satisfy our little Harry and Harriet’s too, it has really opened up the number and variety of customers we can attract.

“Another excellent option for us was being able to incorporate a takeaway counter into the Restaurant. This gives our customers the choice of  sitting in and enjoy a much more extended menu than many expected or, if they prefer, they can visit the takeaway and enjoy their food at home or weather permitting, to sit on the beach  meaning that  the local community and visitors can enjoy the best of Harry’s inside and out!

“Even now that the doors have opened, the team at Harry’s have been great in offering ongoing support and we are currently working together assessing suitable locations for our next outlet. Undoubtedly the high levels of brand recognition associated with Harry Ramsden’s, coupled with the higher quality product they offer which unlike many competitors can be traced from the sea to the plate, makes us confident of success.”

Harry Rasmden's Full Service Restaurant Worthing
Outside of Harry Rasmden's Worthing
Harry Ramsden's Worthing Restaurant
Harry Ramsden's Worthing - Take Away
Our Lovley Staff at Harry's Worthing
Inside of Harry Ramsden's Worthing Restaurant
Our Staff at Harry's Worthing
Take Away at Harry Rasmden's Worthing
Take Away at Worthing
Full Service Restaurant at Harry's Worthing


Format: Restaurant Local
Worthing, West Sussex

  • Ground Floor 1754 sq ft
  • Basement 807 sq ft
  • 80 Seater Restaurant
  • Catchment area of 100,000

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