History of Harry's

On 20th December 1928, Harry Ramsden began serving fish and chips from a small striped wooden hut beside a tram stop in Guiseley, West Yorkshire. His reputation soared as customers flocked to taste his delicious fish in light, crispy batter and golden hand cut chips.

85 Years Experience

Within three years, Harry opened a sit-down fish and chip ‘palace’ on the same site. Though the oak panelling and grand chandeliers were modelled on those of London’s Ritz Hotel, Harry cooked each piece of fresh cod and haddock exactly as he had always done, even when the restaurant served a world record 10,000 portions during a single day in 1952 to celebrate its 21st anniversary!

Harry Ramsden's continued to thrive following this success, and over the past 30 years our brand seen outlets launched internationally in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Australia and America.

Currently we have branches operating throughout the UK and Ireland, with our first international franchise set to open in Qatar in 2015.

We are truly a brand under transformation: our new look interiors pay homage to the traditional elegance of Harry's original restaurant, while creating a retro ambiance, and quintessentially British atmosphere.

Our menu has evolved to include a wide range of classic and contemporary dishes: from the unique flavours of Harry's own Pies, to our range of Harry's Burgers and freshly cooked Spatchcock Chicken.

However, in all that we do - we continue to remain true to our brand values. Harry Ramsden was a stickler for quality and attention to detail: today we're proud to continue his high standards, serving the world's finest fish and chips.

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World Record Holders

Harry Ramsden's Shop Front

Harry    Harry Serving Fish & Chips